Our Association

Why we are here

The Cayman Islands Triathlon Association (CITA) was founded in 1997 to promote the triathlon sport in the local Caymanian community through organised events and competition, and to encourage and support young local athletes in pursing their goals.

What makes us different

  • CITA is a registered non-profit organisation.

    Proceeds from all CITA events will be used to grow local sports and foster young triathletes, by building a network of coaches, investing in training and competition, and financially supporting athletes in attending & representing Cayman in events off island. A portion of proceeds from all CITA events will also be donated to a designated charity.

  • Local Sports and Competition

    The Association holds over 9 events each year designed to test your stamina and build your endurance, including the 3 week Stroke & Stride series, Try This Tri, and the Cayman Islands Duathlon. All leading up to the key event of the calendar - the Cayman Islands Triathlon.

  • Run by athletes for athletes.

    The Cayman Islands Triathlon Association is run by athletes for athletes. We are marathon runners, cyclists, long distance swimmers, duathletes, triathletes and iron men and women. Most importantly we love sports! We put our passion into each and every event so you can compete and enjoy.

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Committee Members

  • Trevor Murphy, President
  • Johan Prinsloo, Vice President
  • Claire Griffin, Treasurer
  • Kara Donnelly, International Race Co-Ordinator
  • Brent Buckner, Committee Member
  • Matthew Volkwyn, Member Admin
  • Justine Plenkiewicz, Volunteer Co-Ordinator
  • Carol Reynolds, Committee Member
  • Phil Whiteside, Committee Member
  • Genevieve Georgiades, Treasurer